Underside Registration Transfer

Corrugated cutting and creasing typically is performed with the print-side down on the cutter.  With the print-side down there are no registration marks for the cutter to detect in order to locate the image to the cut file. The challenge is to locate the face-down printed image on the media.  

Infinite Motion introduces Underside Registration Transfer (URT). Registration marks on the underside of the board are read and transferred to the unprinted top side of the board where they are easily recognized by full-vision registration systems and cameras.

Patent Pending

Edge Registration

When accuracy is critical, edge registration is quite practical to align the front, trailing, and sides of advancing rigid and flexible sheets for any in-line digital cut or printing application. IMC’s alignment tables easily bring into line one or multiple sheets across in precise unison for accurate square feeding. An optional air assist table is available for suspending flexible materials on a cushion of air to help reduce friction during the alignment process. Fast and exact, Infinite Motion’s has the best alignment technology for your application.