Why Choose Us

  • Infinite Motion Control, Inc., founded in 2001, is an engineering & manufacturing company that designs and produces equipment and automation systems for the global market.
  • IMC has earned a reputation as an international leader in industrial automation, robotics, and visual inspection technology.  IMC melds new-generation technology with rugged durability to create manufacturing solutions engineered specifically for the unique demands of the paperboard packaging industry – not adapted to it.
  • IMC has creative, cost-effective answers for your most challenging applications.
  • Discover the Infinite advantages of working with us for your production needs…

IMC Pallet to Pallet Designs

IMC has recognized that Pallet to Pallet systems and components are the best way to optimize the factory.

A little extra motion on our part can account for most inbound height variations and eliminates the need for scissor lifts or other accessories.   

  • FLEXIBILITY – Systems can handle a wide variety of media and sizes
  • COST REDUCTION – Many of our pallet to pallet systems can operate with as few as 1 employee monitoring
  • EFFICIENT – Our components can be mixed and matched to create and optimize the system layout you are looking for.

Contact us today to discuss how automation can optimize your product and create a system to fill your customers needs.

Easy changeovers

IMC’s assemblers have installed systems and some also have experience as end users.

With this, we are always looking for ways to make changeovers and controls accessible and easy to manage

  • Arm slides
  • Easy Adjustments
  • Touch Controls

Integrated Safety

IMC designs safety into every system.

We partner with top system manufacturers so that, with code integration, the entire system can safely shut down in case of e-stop or unexpected event.

  • Multiple E-Stops are easily accessible
  • Touch Controls with clear error code messaging
  • CE Certified Systems
  • CSA/UL Compliant Systems

Knowledge Base

Broad scope of capabilities

  • Cup Manufacturing
  • Print & Print Service
  • High Speed 300/Minute
  • Slow Speed 3 / minute
  • Size
  • Controls
  • Robotics
  • Vision Systems
  • Ionized air
  • System Integration
  • Global Thinking
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