Not all materials ready for printing or finishing are oriented with the correct side up. Infinite Motion Controls in-line board flipper machinery is just the right module to add to your process for reorienting boards with the desired side facing either up or down for downstream processing. This is the right solution to replace manually overturning boards by hand which can be both time-consuming and physically challenging.

Positioned right after IMC’s infeed ABF, sheets are handed off one at a time to the sheet flipper which over turns the boards (with or without alignment) to the next downstream process. This one-sheet-at-a-time approach flips precisely the number of boards you wish to process and can quickly be changed over to a new board size in minutes. IMC’s board flipper is designed to flip a maximum board size of 5 x 10 ft. in landscape orientation.

Key features

  1. Inline option with the board feeder
  2. Pallet to Pallet System component
  3. Quick changeover of materials
  4. Rear edge align
  5. Underside camera ready

Cost reduction benefits

  • Reduces employee twisting & bending
  • Reduced Board bends / breakage