Cup & Container Inspection

For 20 years IMC has been producing equipment used in the manufacture of paper cups and containers. Our customers are high volume producers of disposable paper cup products for the fast food, dairy, coffee, and specialty food and beverage markets. We developed and delivered unique quality control solutions to a globally growing cup market including our proprietary leak testing inspection systems.

Key to our success, IMC develops with the voice-of-the-customer and has provided numerous readymade and custom-built solutions across North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East cup markets.

Learn more about our products and services and see how IMC innovations offers you infinite advantages.

Accelerated Liquid Leak Detection (ALT)

IMC’s accelerated liquid leak tester enables you to detect paper cups that are leakers in less than 5 seconds – instead of the 20 minutes required by conventional standing-liquid leak test equipment.

In manual mode, the accelerated liquid leak tester can even be used on good paper cups to find the weakest part of the bottom seal.

Plastic Cup Cleaning and Inspection

Infinite Motion has developed a plastic cup cleaning system able to remove foreign bodies from within the interior of the cup and exterior of the cup at speeds up to 325 CPM. Primarily, foreign bodies consist of slivers and shards of clear plastic flashing produced in the molding process.  These contaminants may adhere to plastic cups due to static bonding between the contaminants and the plastic cup.  The mechanism to remove these contaminants is to use ionized air currents (or blasts) to set up flow patterns inside and on the cup surfaces in order to dislodge and eject the contaminants from the cup.


Used in our cup inspection & cleaning, these systems can be utilized for many other automation and inspection purposes.

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