Welcome to the new Infinite Motion Control website!

It has been an adventure looking though photographs of the first 20 years and deciding what to publish to the web.  

One difficulty that we had was how to communicate that we have built hundreds of machines and that these machines span the globe.

  • North America & Europe – Yes, our biggest markets.
  • South America – Been there, installed that… More on the way.
  • Asia – Quite a few
  • Africa – Several IMC machines are there as well, making sure that cups in Africa can be as good as those found in our North American home market.
  • Oceania – Australia and New Zealand – We are looking for a reason to go there…

Will someone help us to get out of the Midwest Winter for an installation?

  • Antarctica – Not pushing for this one… production at -40 is not recommended for our key industries.

Wherever you are, we are excited that you have joined us here today and look forward to our next adventure together.

     –  The team at IMC