Vacuum Decay Leak Testing

The vacuum decay leak tester was developed for paper cup manufacturers as a low-cost method to quickly determine the quality of the paper cup and cup seals.  The system returns a vacuum decay value for each paper cup that is tested.  The level of this vacuum decay value is directly related to the quality of the cup.

The vacuum decay leak test system can be used to monitor and record the quality of paper cups being manufactured and will detect when seal quality is beginning to degrade well in advance of actual leakers. The system evaluates the entire paper cup, not just the seals. The decay values can be data logged to provide a historical record of cup quality.


  • A paper cup is placed into the pocket, and the leak test is started by pressing the green Start pushbutton.
  • The paper cup is sealed into the pocket by the top plate.
  • A deep vacuum is created between the outside of the cup and the pocket.
  • The vacuum source is shut off and the vacuum depth in the pocket is monitored during the leak test period.
  • The amount of vacuum decay during the leak test period is directly related to the quality of the cup.
  • Excessive vacuum decay indicates that the cup is low quality and may leak.


  • Quick change pocket - allows testing of multiple paper cup sizes with one leak testing system.
  • Touch screen display - displays leak
    testing data.
  • Microprocessor controlled.

Photo of IMC's Vacuum Decay Leak Tester

Specifications: 110 VAC / .3 Amps 60 PSI Air Supply

Vacuum Decay 5 Secont Test Results

Deep Vacuum (over 600 mmHg) is drawn on the outside of a container before a valve shuts off the supply of vacuum and starts a timed test. The level of vacuum is monitored over a 5 second period of time. The ending vacuum level at the end of the 5 second test is captured and recorded and is proportional to the quality of the container.

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Optional Data Collection System:

  • Includes a computer with data collection software.
  • All leak testing data is automatically collected and stored.
  • The cup will either pass or fail. Test results are charted, displayed on the computer screen, and recorded to the database. Custom reports can be generated. More importantly, the collected test results can be used to detect statistical variations in test values, which may indicate changes in the quality of the cups being produced.
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