Photo of IMC's Vacuum Decay Leak Tester

1. Cups are loaded
2. Vacuum is Applied (photo)
Data is Collected (photo)
Data is Collected (photo)

Semi-Auto Vacuum Decay
Leak Testing

Forget manually loading cups one by one into a test fixture and laboriously recording the test results by hand. The semi-automatic vacuum decay leak tester from Infinite Motion Control offers cup manufacturers a cutting-edge solution for monitoring – and, more importantly — improving the quality of cups manufactured for your customers.

The innovative IMC semi-automatic cup testing system takes vacuum decay leak testing to a whole new level of automation, making monitoring quicker, more accurate, and much less labor-intensive. Simply load a sample cup stack and press START. Process reports are monitored in real time, and quality control reports can be generated and sorted by cup machine, cup size, or even time-stamp.

This is the inspection system you’ve been waiting for. And with IMC’s accelerated lead time, you won’t have to wait to put it to work
for you.

Speed. Simplicity. Cutting-Edge
Quality Control.

The semi-automatic vacuum decay test system enables you to quickly determine the quality of your paper cups. The system returns a decay value for each paper cup that is tested. The amount of vacuum decay that occurs during the test is directly related to the quality of the cup.

The vacuum decay leak test system can be used to monitor and record the quality of cups being manufactured, detecting degraded seal quality well in advance of actual leakers. By monitoring the vacuum decay results, you can take corrective action in advance of manufacturing defective cups.

To start the inspection process, a sampling of cups is drawn from a cup-forming machine and loaded into the in-feed magazine. With one press of the START button, your test is performed automatically, in four quick steps.

  1. Cups are Loaded

    The tester automatically de-nests the cup samples one by one, loading each cup into the appropriate test pocket.

  2. Vacuum is Applied

    The tester automatically applies a test vacuum to the cup for a set period to test for catastrophic seal failures and for relative seal quality trends, in order to monitor overall cup quality.

  3. Data is Collected

    The cup will either pass or fail. Sophisticated data collection software charts the test results, displays them on the computer screen, and records them to the data collection database. Customized reports
    can be generated. More importantly, the charted test results can be used to detect statistical changes in test values, which
    may indicate changes in the quality of cups being produced.

  4. Cups are Sorted

    The passed or failed cup is sorted to the
    appropriate discharge path, using an IMC
    high-speed cup diverter. Since the test is
    nondestructive, no product is wasted.

Speed. Accuracy. Labor Savings.

Data collection and customizable reporting. You get it all with the semi-automatic vacuum decay leak tester from IMC. And with it, IMCís new-generation technology and proven reliability.

Itís a new day in paper cup leak inspection!

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