Paper Cup Equipment

Paper cup equipment manufacturers the world over turn to Infinite Motion Control for an array of paper cup converting machinery designed to deliver a new level of productivity and quality control in paper cup equipment. This is paper converting equipment engineered expressly for the unique demands of today’s highly-competitive paperboard packaging industry, not adapted to it.

New-generation technology meets rugged, long-life durability with IMC paper cup converting machinery. Beverage containers, yogurt containers, ice cream containers – they all require infinite care and high-volume capabilities in their manufacture. Which is why, if you’re a paper cup manufacturer serving today’s food beverage packaging industry, Infinite Motion Control paper converting equipment offers you infinite advantages. From our Inspec 300 Automated Paper Cup Inspection System with advanced vision inspection and measurement technology, to our Paper Cup Leak Testing Systems and High Speed Paper Cup Converter, IMC innovations will make a difference in your paper cup forming operation – and your bottom line.

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