High-Speed Paper Cup Diverter

Infinite Motion Control’s High-Speed Paper Cup Diverter has proven to be a reliable, trouble-free, and low-cost cup-diverting solution for paper cup manufacturers and paper cup production throughout the world. The IMC pneumatic paper cup diverter provides jam-free, on-the-fly diverting of paper cups at rates of over 300CPM.

The IMC High-Speed Paper Cup Diverter can be programmed for virtually any paper cup production application. It can be integrated with your existing system, or paired with our microprocessor control system. A small touch screen display on the IMC control system provides quick, easy access to the paper cup diverter’s operational parameters.

Rectangular paper cup diverter from front
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The cup diverter has been adapted to a wide range of cup diverting applications, including:

  • Diverting the first paper cups out of production when the cup former begins running
  • Diverting paper cups during production to different packing stations
  • Diverting sample paper cups to inspection stations
  • Diverting defective paper cups out of production
  • Paper cup sorting applications

IMC will customize our versatile paper cup diverter system to meet your unique requirements.

Paper Cup Diverter Includes:

  • Air Shut-off Valve
  • Regulator
  • Gate Control Valve
  • Easy Clean Out
  • Tube connections sized to your specifications


Paper Cup Diverter: Standard Sizes Link Paper Cup Diverter: Large Sizes Link Paper Cup Diverter: Rectangular Sizes Link
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