Pinpoint the Weak spot of Every Cup in Less Than 5 Seconds

Photo of IMC's Accelerated Leak Tester

Why are you waiting 30 minutes to know if you are making good cups? Conventional standing liquid leak test = 20 to 30 minutes. IMC Accelerated Liquid Leak Test = 5 seconds!

Specifications: 110 VAC / .3 Amps 60 PSI Air Supply

Accelerated Paper Cup Liquid Leak Tester

IMC’s accelerated liquid leak tester enables you to detect paper cups that are leakers in less than 5 seconds – instead of the 20 minutes required by conventional standing-liquid leak test equipment.

Employing IMC’s advanced vacuum leak testing technology, the accelerated liquid leak tester draws a vacuum under a paper cup in a pocket, using a cup containing a small amount of colored liquid.  In less than 5 seconds, the vacuum leak test is complete and your inspector examines the bottom of the cup for liquid penetration.

In manual mode, the accelerated liquid leak tester can even be used on good paper cups to find the weakest part of the bottom seal.

The accelerated liquid leak tester provides immediate information to your inspection personnel regarding the quality of your paper cups ­– enabling you to pinpoint the weak spot of every cup. And that’s what you need from your leak testing equipment.

The vacuum leak testing process:

  • A paper cup with about 1 inch of colored liquid is placed in the pocket.
  • Pressing the green Start pushbutton begins the test.
  • Vacuum is created inside the pocket and around the paper cup.
  • The vacuum leak test occurs in less than 5 seconds.
  • When the vacuum leak test is complete, the inspector examines the bottom of the cup for leaks.
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The accelerated liquid leak test shows liquid penetration from pinholes due to having the bottom heater temperature too high.


5 second vacuum
leak test shows
channel leaker.

Conventional standing leak tests require 20-30 minutes. This channel leaker was detected in 5 seconds.

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