100% Machine Vision Inspection. Zero Contamination. That’s Our Vision.

It’s estimated that in a typical day’s paper cup manufacturing, as many as 175 cups will contain some form of contamination. With IMC vision inspection technology, you’ll find them — before your customers do. Infinite Motion Control is continuously at the leading edge of today’s vision system technology, redefining vision inspection. Developed exclusively to meet the specialized needs of paper cup manufacturers, IMC’s automatic paper cup vision inspection system provides 100% interior inspection of all paper cups produced on today’s high-speed paper cup forming equipment. IMC vision system technology can be adapted to any cup line, providing high-speed in-line vision inspection of every cup you produce. Our time to market is just as fast, so you can have your vision system on-line in the blink of an eye.

If your vision is zero defects, take a close look at IMC vision inspection technology. You’ll see what we mean.

The IMC vision system gauges a cup for critical dimensions and conformity based on user-programmable maximum and minimum tolerances, and alerts of nonconformity.

IMC’s vision inspection systems provide 100% interior inspection, detecting malformations, contaminations, bugs, and other defects, and automatically ejects imperfect product. Here, the camera inside the enclosure on the left, integrated with the vision turret, checks every cup.

If You Miss It, You Can Bet Your
Customers Won’t.

Cups can contain a myriad of contaminations — from defects in the paper or from the manufacturing process. Manufacturing defects include: Bugs pressed into the paper; separation of laminations; or other defects, including ink splatter from the printing process; bottom splice tape and half-moon bottoms.

Contaminations from the cup-forming process include: grease smears on the interior; melted, dirty poly bonded to the


interior sidewall; and oil, dirt and grease sprayed into the cup during transfer from the mandrel to the rimming pocket.

Get the Inside Story At 300 Cups Per Minute

IMC’s advanced computer vision system images the interior of each and every paper cup, at
over 300cpm.

  • Paper cups passing through the system are assigned either a “pass” or “fail” status.
  • Cups that pass the vision inspection tests continue on to the packing and bagging equipment.
  • Cups that fail any of the vision inspection tests are directed to a “fail collection” station, where they can be viewed for further evaluation.

Infinite Motion Control Vision Inspection Systems

Analysis of Blends of Food Products

Photo of RGB Color Wheel

Basic Colors; Red Blue Green (RGB)

The Cognex color camera converts the color in a region into the RGB values that represent the color of that region. Any color can be represented by combinations of Red, Green and Blue.

Basic Colors:

  • Red = 255, 0, 0
  • Green = 0, 255, 0
  • Blue = 0, 0, 255
Photo of Cognex CameraCognex Logo
Photo of Inspection of Grated Cheese at RGB: 250, 199, 55. No white is shown. Photo of Inspection of Grated Cheese at RGB: 250, 199, 55. White cheese is now visible.
RGB = 250, 199, 55
RGB = 250, 225, 107
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